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I am twenty-four years old, I love to read, write, sing, listen to music, watch theater, open presents, hike, and climb. The number one thing I dislike is lazy people. My goal in life over job, or money, or travel, is to overcome the struggles of the past, and become a whole, happy woman.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Children in Africa don't want your evil shoes, mom...

If you've read my past posts, you know that my parents home was hit by a tornado.  In the two weeks since, I have heard my mom complain about the carpet, the windows, the tree's, the prices, and the INSURANCE company. She has cried a sob story to her boss getting $500 dollars, she cried a sob story to my grandparents getting $1,000(a month after she took their Ipad and claimed it for hers) and then she gets a phone call from our old pastors wife and I hear her say "Oh everyone is fine, the house is damaged, but that's not what matters, I'm just so blessed that Shannon and Richard were okay". WHAT? I was bawling my eyes out, and scared to death, she didn't care, because as soon as she pulled in she was on the phone with the insurance company! So our old pastor also gave her $500 for the house.

So this week after she got all that money from all these people we start getting packages in the mail from Amazon, from clothes stores, and my favorite, her brand new pair of TOMS. If I were barefoot in a foreign country, and I received a pair of shoes because some upper middle class white American I might be a little depressed. Maybe that's the wrong way to put it, but I just want to find the child that my mom's pair of shoes are going to and say "Let me buy you a real pair of shoes, this pair was made on lies and thievery".  It makes me sad. But don't get me wrong, I love Toms, and I wish I had more money, I would buy another pair, but I don't like my mom using other peoples sympathy money for her shopping spree's.

The insurance people called her back and told her she would only get half of the insurance money, and that once they saw the repairs being made, they would give her the rest. They don't think she will use the money for repairs. Wow, these insurance people are intuitive! I love it. So of course, my mother is furious and I think it's funny. I would love a home to take pride in and not destroy, I would love an Ipad for more than to just play zombie farm, and I would love to guilt all the people around me out of money.

Last fall my car died, and you know what happened? My boss felt sorry for me, and wanted to make sure I could get to school and work, so they were going to buy me a car, or pay for my down payment. Did I except that HUGE gift and favor like my mom would have jumped on? No I thanked her and said it was something I needed to do on my own. And it was. The car I bought, I did it on my own, no one helped, and I make my payments on my own, and the car is mine. No one has helped me pay for school, or books.

Maybe I'm jealous that my mom is so good at seducing money out of people? Or maybe I'm genuinely mad that she is using the money to buy hideous designer purses that won't make her happy, but just make her feel more empty, and want MORE and MORE. I want, I always want. But I want within reason, and if I want something bigger than that I save for a few months.

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  1. "I would love to guilt all the people around me out of money." Did these words burble up from you subconscious? They seem to cancel much of the rest you say. In about another forty years, I'd guess you will see and take life as it comes. Life is good; it's all a matter of how we look at it and ourselves. Good luck to you. Youth is a trying time; then old age arrives and we see things differently. Scamming is the game of so many out there. God bless those scheming little hearts!